Syvhøjegårds Unforgetable S

Grey – F.2015– 168 cm untouch.png

Premium Stallion Danish Warmblood 2018

Unforgetable S is an impressive young horse with a fantastic potential. Farther Untouchable is becoming more and more in the spotlight as one of Europe's new topdtallions. In record time, he has founded his own heroine and, among other things, through amazing youngsters like Untouched and Uriko set the line under his strong inheritance. The mother silver medal and elite mare Coco Chanell S is the  uncrowned queen. Uninterrupted since 2009, she has been at the forefront of the jump index for qualified jumpers. The damline is well-known for its enormous impact and has delivered acclaimed stallions and international top horses, Coco Chanel S was even placed in 140 cm and was No. 4 at the Danish championship as 6 y.o.
Coco Chanell S is the sister of HH Colorado S, Miss Baloubet S and Caletta S, all of which are placed internationally in 150/160 cm. Also the acclaimed stallion and UVM finalist Libertino S are among siblings. From the same damline,  the international Grand Prix horses Hazel BS, Conjurer, Nørremøllehøj Ariel, Lucky Light, Lavitta, Cambridge S, Cape Town S, Chanel R and Caddie R and countless more. Syvhøjegårds Unforgetable S was awarded a hammering prize of DKK 300,000 the most expensive foal at the elite auction in 2015. Syvhøjegårds Unforgetable S is a complete stallion in every way. An almost flawless exterior combined with a very smooth and strong upperline allows for a leap potential, which in technology and capacity is of absolute world class. The gallows are in the class and a forthcoming international star star worthy. We are very proud to offer this young tophingst to our customers in 2018!

900 EURO + VAT